Balance I sometimes think that life is like a balancing act... There are often days where we feel that our lives are tipping into overwhelm. Or we can tip the other way, into stagnation... Creating a balance takes time, reflection, small alterations... We can go through periods where life feels just right for some reason and then... we tip over into something that feels difficult to cope with. By balancing our whole lives, not just our minds, we can feel more comfortable, stronger, more resilient. So many things can help create this way of life... and each of us have our own way, our own path. But something that we all share is a need for good sleep, good food, time in nature, time exercising, time spent connecting to others and time spent connecting to our selves. How often, when life feels unbalanced, do we realise that we are missing one or more of these aspects? Leading a balanced life doesn’t mean leading a charmed life. It means actively making those changes which, over time, create a balance, create a way of understanding that, even when things go wrong, we can find our way back to the path. I often think that the tools we need, such as those I listed above, are like the high wire artist’s long pole. Including them in our lives can feel, initially, quite unwieldy and difficult to fit. And yet, over time, they can become a natural part of us... We can begin to change from a mindset that tries to hold on tight, tries to grasp control by making our world smaller and smaller... into a mindset where we’re open, looking up to the horizon and our futures because we know that the tools we possess, that metaphorical high wire pole, can give us the balance we need. Often, people feel trapped. Their worlds are feeling smaller and smaller and they have reached the stage where they’re hanging on in desperation. Other times, they know that life just doesn’t feel right, but they don’t know why. It’s all about balance.... and when you know how to keep a steady path, life can feel a far more comfortable place to walk.

Posted by SarahA at 2019-02-23 11:46:30 UTC