Today’s good 💕 ❤️ I started off busy yesterday morning but that quickly tapered off. I cooked two different dinner options, did the washing up and pretty much got lost in my head. ❤️ Woke up this morning feeling rather conflicted about my life. I have managed to cook again and clean up. Still feeling like running away from everything. That usually signals growth for me. ❤️ I remembered some old documents and took a look. Right there is evidence that I’m neurodivergent. My parents knew the whole time and kept it from me. I’m angry at them for this betrayal. Definitely seeing no contact as a permanent solution and the healthiest choice for me. ❤️ I’m leaning into this part of me. It’s always been there but now I know I’m not going crazy and that there’s nothing wrong with me. I don’t want to mask anymore. It’s exhausting to wear a neurotypical mask. ❤️ Sean and I are discussing ways to make our home ADHD friendly. Creating different stations throughout our home for snacks and creativity have come to mind. Are there any suggestions you all have on creating spaces that cater to neurodiverse individuals? ❤️ I have a lot of time left in this day. I might read or just sleep early. Anger and upset is exhausting. Have a wonderful day! 🌻

Posted by Gris at 2023-06-08 20:33:03 UTC