Reflecting on my day with a focus on the good! ❤️Did not wake up early to exercise today because I was out quite late last night😂 I'm being flexible with it though! There's no point waking up early to exercise if that entails not getting enough sleep - kind of defeats the point of aiming to be healthy haha ❤️Work was good - my colleague was super supportive when I got stressed out by something and I handled some situations with more confidence than I would have done in the past ❤️Alex was about for a chat on my lunch - we were both tired and a little quiet but a nice thing is just being able to chill with each other, even virtually! ❤️A real highlight of my day was seeing my friend after work! We went to Côte for tea and then for a walk round Hyde Park and it was SO lovely! I love him a lot bless his soul and it was nice to just have a big catch up ❤️I'm heading home again now feeling content😊 I'm going to spend the rest of my evening winding down ready for sleep😴

Posted by Moll! at 2023-06-08 20:18:46 UTC