We’ve been exploring our new home. At the weekend we walked in the meadows and then stopped for a drink - such a lovely spot and the cows came wandering over to say hello. I am doing ok. Little up and down. I keep trying to get back into a rhythm and routine from the move but not quite getting there. We have 2 boxes left to unpack - the house is so spacious having gone from a small 2 bed to a 4 bed has really made a big difference. I’ve joined slimming world and am trying to get my eating habits in check. We go on holiday in a couple of weeks - I’ve decided apart from walking and odd yoga session - exercise can wait until we are back. Monthly hormones are playing havoc with my head at the moment. I read Joe Tracini’s book recently and liked the fact he named the voice of his thoughts (like a separate being) I know a couple of you do this as well. I think it might help me to ignore them. Just need to think of a name 🤪 why does talking about MH seem to make you sound mad. Couple of pictures from the weekend and one of the dog hiding in the spare room (mattress pending) to soak up the window of sunshine ☀️

Posted by vkmspiers at 2023-06-08 11:13:02 UTC