Hi all. I am 😴. Not a good day for me today. No talk, 😡, 😔, confused 😕. Scrambled head. Art 🎨 center was great until I had a big seizure, I nearly fell out of my wheelchair ♿. I just grabbed the table to stop me falling and I moved the table several inches. Scary thought. The staff there knew what to do. More of these happening to me. Too much stress and anxiety. I am moving to Dunedin to a new house 🏡.🎨 Center was going 👌. I made a new friend. She has some similar nuerogical disorder as me. I could communicate very well with her. Sign language and simple sentences and 🖼 language. 😊. I am watching 📺 in bed 🛏 eating 🍪. Good 🌃 from New Zealand Thursday night 8 June 8.45 pm 🎹

Posted by wancylla at 2023-06-08 08:48:36 UTC