Joyful June day 6 Get out into green spaces. It's been a full day with our 4 year old grandson J. We went to see the ducks and ducklings on the village pond. they're getting so big now! He rode his go cart the whole way there and back. In village life we are surrounded by green spaces thankfully. We've also been to Hartsholme Park in Lincoln playing football on big open green spaces. And for him to play on the park. Good fun for all of us. Lots of giggles. We had tea and ice cream at Daisy Made close to the park. It had its own park area. It's been such an active day and he's been soooo good I don't know who will sleep the most tonight us or him 不歹 feeling blessed indeed tonight xx

Posted by Pauline1964_YOU at 2023-06-06 19:22:03 UTC