Reflecting on my day with a focus on the good! ❤️Me oh my am I enjoying my 6am wake up! A whole 2 hours to myself before I start work! ❤️I did a Blogilates arms video, showered and washed my hair, and called A! He's still feeling alright despite having the rona bless him and apparently plans to make some banana bread tomorrow😂 ❤️I had another productive work day and kept any stress at bay! Great stuff because I was also in some new situations that I've never navigated before! That's another great thing about working in recruitment - there's always something new to handle or learn! ❤️I called A again on my lunch which was lovely ❤️Finished work at a good time! Another good thing about exercising in the morning is I don't finish work and feel bad because I can't be bothered to do it then😂 ❤️I headed out to return some books to the library and get my stir fry ingredients (lush to get out in the sun!), before returning home and cooking! It was so yummy! ❤️My flatmates are about this evening so it's a busy environment in a nice way - lots of chatting and laughing. And my flatmate returned with some chocolate buttons for us all!

Posted by Moll! at 2023-06-06 19:17:33 UTC