Good things from this weekend! ❤️SO much reading this weekend - I've made a real effort to finish The Secret History and I did it!! And now this evening, I'm trying to finish one called You're Not Listening😊 Both are great! ❤️My friends birthday party was yesterday eve! It was nice to see some people I haven't seen in a while and celebrate my friend - we got her a cake! ❤️A video of my dad on a giant zipwire that really made me laugh😂😂 He looks like a fly with his goggles on😂 ❤️Sea bass for tea this eve! ❤️Positive chats with friends and my A4H zoom group😊 ❤️Exercising! I'm really trying to get back into a proper exercise routine and I've done cardio/pilates both days this weekend😁 ❤️I don't think I've been feeling very safe in my body lately, and so I was reflecting on that, and the last time I felt properly safe in my body was lockdown when I was exercising daily! I felt strong and capable so I'm going to try to bring that back a bit if I can🙌

Posted by Moll! at 2023-06-04 20:29:53 UTC