Happy moments of today | D3 🚲Today was a rest day. 🚲 A hot cuppa followed by a healthy brunch of scrambled eggs and toast 🚲 @Pauline1964_YOU - Photo challenge D3 - weather - Took this picture on the terrace when it was still bearable. The weather is still hot and humid so most of us are home bound from 10am-4pm. Today it touched 40*c at noon. 🚲 Attended an education meet - Nurturing life long learners in an ever evolving global landscape. It was great to meet like minded educators from all over the world to discuss and think big about redefining education. There was a lot of intellectual exchange of thoughts and ideas at the dinner tables. It’s always healthy to keep learning and sharing! Was humbled to meet an inspirational woman who pioneered the official place for women in the Indian forces - Wing commander Anupama Joshi 🚲 Dinner was complimentary! A4H | Action 3 Re-frame a worry and try to find a helpful way to think about it Fact - My nest will get empty after 2 months. (My youngest going abroad for his masters) Worry - How will I overcome loneliness and fill in the void? Thoughts - Follow a routine to keep fit mentally and physically. Read Read and Read. Pursue learning music. Join a club. Upskill! A4H folks - I’m open to any other suggestions! Thanks for taking time to read, like and comment on my reflections. May the divine light shine upon us! 🙏🏼

Posted by G2G at 2023-06-03 16:16:32 UTC