Joyful June day 3 - reframe a worry Not sure "worry" is the right word today. Or maybe it is. I woke up after a restless night of dreaming. Some not so nice. I wanted to speak to my mum and aunty B (they're both passed now) and they wouldn't let me in to see them. I also tried to see my mum in law (gone for 20 years now) and I did get to see her but she had no hair and looked so alone (she died of cancer but never lost her hair) . I woke up sad and grumpy. Hubby wanted to go out as the weather nice today but I'm so tired I just wanted to stay home. So I'm missing out on life staying home? Ok ok we'll go out. Walking into the woods he asked me what's wrong ...I say I'm just sad...😭😭....we walked in companionable silence through the woods. I just needed to be quiet too. I'm grateful for having such lovely elders in my life to be able to miss them so much. So I'm glad we came out. Sat in the sun writing this. Birds singing all around us. Faint sounds of children playing somewhere in the woods. It's ok not to be ok sometimes.

Posted by Pauline1964_YOU at 2023-06-03 14:12:33 UTC