Happy moments of today | June 02 🍩 5am - Detox | Suryanamaskar (12 rounds) | Meditation - Felt peaceful 🍩 Breakfast - Upma - Nutritious 🍩 Wardrobes organised and made clutter free - feels good 🍩 Shopping for some fabrics for kurtas to match dupattas - got a good collection 🍩 Peeped into “MOD” to virtually relish doughnuts to honour the day. (Remember I’m off sweets) 🍩 Stocked up the fridge with groceries - no worries for a week 🍩 Lunch at Chinese room - Seafood soup, Crispy chicken and Red chilli prawns - I was so full after the soup could not do justice to the other starters! 🍩 Traffic was killing - AC in car was a saving grace 🍩 Siesta time - no sleep just rested my back 🍩 @Pauline1964_YOU - Photo challenge D2 - Favourite colour - Purple if I must choose from so many of my other favourites - I love colours and all of their hues and tints and shades! 🍩BTW witnessing the purple aurora is on my bucket list!! 🍩 My knees are troubling me today so avoided my walk in the evening 🍩 Watched “School of lies” and now planning to watch “The Days” - any reviews?? 🍩 Skipped dinner instead had some cold coffee. Good talk with my sons on their POA abroad - how fast they grow!! Thanks for taking time to read, like and comment on my reflections. May the divine light shine upon us! 🙏🏼

Posted by G2G at 2023-06-02 14:46:29 UTC