Reflecting on my day with a focus on the good🙌 ❤️Woke up briiiight and early this morning - I did a 7am-4pm work shift bc of therapy at 4; actually didn't feel too tired! ❤️I spoke through some bits with my manager yesterday and so felt much better at work today! My colleague faced some tricky news and I was able to focus on how I could support them ❤️I chatted with Alex on my lunch as I usually do and it was a lovely chat😊 He's feeling a bit apprehensive about moving back to the UK, and I've been feeling a bit worried about the change, so I've been getting us both to think of something we're excited about in relation to it😁 ❤️He's been showing me cares in lots of little ways recently and I love it ❤️My therapy session was fantastic - it's really helped me to set my brain back on track and I'm so grateful for it!! ❤️Right after therapy I had a shower sing (the new Jonas Brothers album is great!!) ❤️Got a pizza in the oven, made a brew, and got into my PJs - I had all of these things good to go for my A4H Group Meeting for Joyful June! I LOVE those monthly meetings and it was such a fun, giggly session😊 ❤️Ooo I forgot - I had a magnum and I love magnums🍭😂

Posted by Moll! at 2023-06-01 21:09:22 UTC