Reflecting on my day with a focus on the good🙌 ❤️I slept well!! And I didn't have a nightmare!! And my new eye mask is great!! Yippeeee ❤️Started off my morning with washing my hair which was relaxing, and it's nice having my Summer clothes out to choose from! ❤️I got some disappointing news at work today, but I'm focusing on what is in my control and doing my best not to catastrophise! I'll continue to do my best, and cross the bridges I need to if and when they arise🙌 ❤️I had a chat with Alex on my lunch and we spoke about what it would be like to live together one day - he seems to be looking forward to it like I am which is so nice! Dreaming about the future and talking about it positively feels way better than worrying so much💭 ❤️The sun continues to shine and I'm stoked about it😁 ❤️I finished work and spent an hour or so reading, before eating some lamb casserole for tea and chatting with my flatmates🙌 ❤️I'm making sleep a real focus right now because I've been struggling with it lately, so I'm drinking my Twinings Sleep tea like I did last night and then I'm going to get to bed😊

Posted by Moll! at 2023-05-30 19:36:05 UTC