Today’s good 💕 ❤️I decided to not do anything today. It was wonderful so I ended up washing dishes and making dinner 😂 haha! So much for plans. ❤️I recently had a super horrible week that I came out of with an actual ability to clearly see myself way back in the day. I used to get bored easily. I used to get distracted easily. I used to forget to eat when I was really focused on something that had my full attention. I used to flit around from task to task to get things done but never in one sitting because I had issues with motivation. Oh my goodness and nothing has changed for me as an adult. I wonder if that’s ADHD? 🤔 ❤️I’m reading a couple of books right now. One paperback and one kindle book. Once I’m finished with the paperback I’ll find someplace to donate it. I typically do this with my books. I only keep the ones I plan on rereading 😊 Have a wonderful evening and a happy week ahead! 🌻

Posted by Gris at 2023-05-28 23:28:06 UTC