Meaningful May Day 28: Today wasn’t as nice, weather-wise but I still managed to get two lots of washing outside (and almost dry). Lee took a gorgeous picture of one of our maple trees and I took one of our rhododendron flowers that are starting to open. ☺️ I have spent way too long putting this off, and it was a faff to do, but I have finally started collating our Costa Rica pictures. We had some on my phone, some on Lee’s phone and some that were on the camera before it stopped working. There were also loads from the tour’s WhatsApp group which weren’t always uploaded on the day. Because they weren’t really in any order, I’ve created day-by-day albums so they can then be added to a single CR album in the correct order. It has taken me a while but I am ready to create that single album now. It will have to wait for tomorrow but I’m happy that I’m almost in a position to create a photo book from all our snaps. 🥳 It’s been really nice seeing Lee’s photos again because I’d forgotten many of them. I especially love the expression on the sloths face in the final picture. 🦥 Such a lot of memories relived this evening. ☺️

Posted by Lindsey1974 at 2023-05-28 20:37:36 UTC