Spent lovely day with my uncle in Lincolnshire. He’s recently been registered as severely sight impaired so he struggles with lots of tasks he used to do. Cooked a big chicken dinner for him and apple pie and custard- enough for tomorrow as well. Then did big shop for him and tidied up- he has daily carers but I swear down they spend more time talking than hoovering. Though I think my unc likes the female company so likely distracts from chores. We had a reminiscing session of years ago and had my usual belly laughs. Saw my Dad too who at 86 thinks he’s still 46. He loves to moan- seriously and loves putting on silly voices for people. Today was a recap of him talking to doctors receptionist - Stupid Woman apparently and what receptionist said back to him- talking like Nora Batty- I was in hysterics. Laughter and recall of past times is still in my head and what I’ll remember later with a smile xx

Posted by JED77 at 2023-05-28 17:15:59 UTC