Do you believe that every day is special in its own way? It’s a philosophy that my partner, Chris, & I subscribe to. Today, we decided to make our Sunday special. I normally work on Sunday mornings but today I have a morning off. So, we decided to enjoy a special Sunday brunch. We chose some beautiful music (including the Matt Monro ‘It’s The Little Things’ in the video) to accompany our cooking, leisurely eating & chat. We laughed about how we always pop the tomato ketchup alongside the HP sauce even though we both always choose HP! We’re both feeling very blessed to have this special time with each other & to pop another happy memory into our collection…. And we’d love to know, are you a tomato ketchup or HP person? 😁 Special Sunday well-wishes to all 💛🕊️🌎👩‍🍳👨‍🍳

Posted by debs.lloyd at 2023-05-28 09:13:25 UTC