Good Morning,🌞 ⚖️It’s been quite a challenging week for me so I gently encouraged myself to do some things I enjoy to try to balance things out and support myself. 🎶I had a great evening last night taking part in an open mic online with new friends. It was restoring to get into a mindful state and enjoy the moment and also listen to the lovely things others were sharing. 🦢I made the effort to get out for an early walk this morning too. A few weeks ago I saw a swan sitting on their nest but today the nest was full of little fluffy cygnets which was joyful to see. ❤️I try never to force myself to do things I don’t want to do, but gently encouraging myself to stay curious about trying something uplifting, just for a little while can sometimes be a kind and useful tool to spark my motivation into life. ⚡️ 😊 Hope you have some small things that you can try out to help you enjoy today too 🌼🥰🌸

Posted by MarnieB at 2023-05-28 09:03:05 UTC