Reflecting on my day with a focus on the good😁 ❤️Haven't been going to bed at a very reasonable hour these past few nights so slept in until 9am😴 Good to get some sleep in! ❤️I also watched Taylor's new music video and it's great - that song is a bop and the video is so cool🎶🎶 ❤️I had my first ever Swedish massage today which was good! I wasn't sure what to expect but I wanted to de-stress and give my body some TLC! I've booked another for July and think I'll make them a regular thing! ❤️Walking back to my flat in the sunshine was lush and I stopped off at Greggs to get some lunch - there's a Greggs at the top of my road which is quite frankly outstanding😂 I had a giant chicken mayo sandwich, a pink ring doughnut, some wedges and an orange juice! One of my flatmates arrived back at the flat while I was eating it so we had a chat! ❤️I tidied my room (bit left to do but made some good progress there), did some laundry and took a giant bag of clothes to the charity shop across the road ❤️I've felt sleepy after my massage and I think I've done a good job today of relaxing and not putting lots of pressure on myself to Be Productive ❤️I've read more of my book this afternoon too, and cooked while singing along to some Taylor Swift. I've been messaging my friend about both of these things. Oo speaking of chatting to people, I chatted to Alex this morning and felt honoured because he doesn't like speaking to people that early in the morning hahaha, but he chatted to me and I made him smile. He's got some friends over this weekend and he's been sending me photos and videos of what he's been up to - very sweet ❤️Now I'm relaxing (a real theme of today haha) and I think I'm going to get to bed - get that sleep schedule back on track! Night all!

Posted by Moll! at 2023-05-27 21:16:40 UTC