I never remember to reflect on my day at the end of the day because I'm usually pretty exhausted but today I have and following on from @Mollie_C and @Gris I found a few things to focus on that were positive ❤️ I spent a lovely family afternoon pottering, with no deadlines and just discovering new things ❤️ All my lavender has grown so much this week and tonight I noticed all the shoots for the flowers are up and ready to sprout ❤️ We spotted our resident toad hiding behind the micro pond waiting for evening so they can take over the garden ❤️ I was able to help a couple of people reflect on why they always put others first and it really helped them and I felt I'd made a small difference ❤️ I got to recall and share in some really special meaningful moments with the central AfH team that we shared as part of today's calendar action ❤️ I helped my son prepare for an animal project and learnt loads of fun facts about gorillas. There's actually so many little good things we can experience every day. I really encourage you to start this practice as I find it really lovely to reflect and a massive mood booster 😊

Posted by Jo AfH Support at 2023-05-26 20:23:44 UTC