More gardens than we know what to do with and we've both caught the sun over the past few days. I must get some after sun and use the sunblock when I'm out there tomorrow. The husband just goes nutbrown. The remaining garden spaces 5th. Seafront Garden - narrow strip between the front of the house and the wall. We manage the area across the path but I've decided to leave most of it for the bees just now. 6th The Washing Line/Forgotten Garden. I have big plans for this space but neither the time nor the money to bring them to fruition for a year or two. For now it's a great place to sit quietly away from everything else and enjoy the scent of the wall flowers. 7th The Veggie Garden - things are growing. 8th The Patio Garden - this one is for the Guests' use. I miscounted and there is a 9th Garden area but I can't remember which 4 I put in the first post so I don't know which one I've missed out - doh!! 9th Guests' Front Garden - I'll go with that one and add another post if I find I've repeated it. This area is being re-landscaped with the uneven slabs and plastic glass being removed and replaced with gravel and pots. It's easier, as they say, if you eat an elephant one bite at a time. I'm using the rather horrid analogy to stop me being overwhelmed by all this space.

Posted by skp64_YOU at 2023-05-26 18:30:05 UTC