Small moments can have big meaning for me too… I like the action today about meaningful moments. I have had some big moments of meaning but also some of the smaller and more humble ones have a big impact on me too. 🌸This morning I woke up really early which is unusual for me, I got up and took a hot drink out into my garden and listened to the birds wake up and sing. 🌺I noticed my holly bush that has been struggling to grow for a long time had begun to spread out into a space I made for it recently. (The pink bits are new growth) 🌼Knowing it was now flourishing after I gave it a little more space & time and was becoming stronger was a small but meaningful moment. 🕊️The soundtrack of bird calls was like a little celebration of the new day which also felt meaningful. 🥰the big things in life can have great meaning but when I look at the small things too it lets me access more everyday meaningful moments and creates a habit of noticing them too Hope you were able to notice some small meaningful moments in your day today too xx ❤️

Posted by MarnieB at 2023-05-26 15:07:19 UTC