Embrace Life's Mystery Embrace the mystery of life. You don't need to know everything in your head. You don't need to figure everything out. You don't need an instruction sheet or a set of rules. You don't need all the answers. Let yourself experience life. Hang on to the handlebars when you must, but as much as possible put your hands in the air and enjoy the ride. Feel everything you need to feel along the way. Feel the fear, the joy, the exhilaration. Feel the wind in your hair and the sun on your shoulders. Feel the vitality of life surge through you. See vitality and life in all that's around you. What's the magical journey of your life unfold with all its ups and downs. Feel the awareness surge from deep within. Grasp the insights that come. Grab the brass ring whenever you can. Embrace the mystery of life. Embrace the mystery and Magic of you. Melody Beattie (1948 - ) Journey To The Heart 📖

Posted by bristolfmeunited at 2023-05-25 06:10:23 UTC