Today’s good 💕 ❤️ I was way too tired last night to reflect on a busy head kind of day. I finished reading my Everglades book and began saying goodbye to my home state. ❤️ I meditated this week and think that a daily practice or an as needed one will help with my anxiety. I also stayed awake last night with self doubt over the menu I have planned for Shavuot. ❤️ I made an orange cheesecake today that required baking and a bain marie. Boy was that hot and heavy to safely remove but I did it without disaster! 🥳 My beautiful candied orange slices were a disaster. They went from not done yet to burnt very quickly. I tossed them out and started over and my tiny triangle shaped candied oranges turned out just fine. ❤️ I made homemade marinara and a chicken matzo soup at the same time as everything else. And I managed to stay on top of washing the dishes too. 😊 ❤️ I still have daylight and another book to read. I need my rest so I can cook up a storm tomorrow. Have a wonderful evening!🌻

Posted by Gris at 2023-05-24 22:18:21 UTC