Meaningful May Day 24: I hope some of my choices had a positive impact on other people today: 🔅 I contacted the NHS Trust about the eyesore that is currently outside the building I work in. Hopefully, it will now be cleared and it will be a more pleasant space. 🤞🏻 🔅 I did the housework and Lee now has plenty of freshly-ironed clothes to wear again. 👕 🔅 I washed the dressing gowns and they dried quickly in the sunshine. Lee will have be-able to enjoy that ‘line-dried’ smell when he gets home later. 🧺 🔅 I took some of dad’s shoes to the (very) local charity shop, reminding him that there is no point dwelling on the fact that he’s not been able to wear them since his feet swelled up. The sale of his footwear will help the charity raise much-needed funds. I recently ordered him some from Cosyfeet so he now has new, well-fitting shoes to enjoy. 👞 🔅 I paused in the front garden, when I got home, to enjoy the hydrangea. We moved it last year and it didn’t flower. It looks like it will this year. The bees, butterflies and passers-by will all get to enjoy them. 🌺 🔅 I downloaded a Sudoku app and am going to try and complete the daily challenge to keep my brain cells whirring. I think this will benefit everyone… 😂 I’ve been feeling quite melancholic/low/sad/‘flat’ recently so I’m pleased I have thought of so many examples here. ☺️

Posted by Lindsey1974 at 2023-05-24 19:39:44 UTC