Reflecting on my weekend with a focus on the good! I know I've posted my little highlights in short on here, but I've just got back to London and I wanted to reflect on it all properly because I've had SUCH a lovely weekend🥰 Saturday: ❤️I woke up on Saturday morning feeling excited to go and visit my friend! ❤️I called Alex and we had a chat while I had my toast, which meant I left myself with only half an hour to get ready and packed😂 ❤️I got a bit lost on the way to the station hahah - wasn't 100% I was going to make my train but I did! ❤️I started reading The Secret History on the train and it's a book my friend loves, so I'm sharing my thoughts with her as I go ❤️My friend met me at the train station (very nice of him!), and we bought lunch before going back to his flat. He's just moved there & it's a lovely place - the sofa is super comfy and it has a nice little outdoor bit. He says his flatmate is nice too (she was away this weekend so I didn't meet her)😊 ❤️We headed out in the afternoon to explore a bit and we found an ice cream truck - we got 2 Mr Whippy's with strawberry sauce😋 We found a nice little spot by a river to eat them - I of course took 30 years to finish mine as I always do😂 ❤️We could see some people on paddle boards and in boats and so on, so we went to check it out and they had some slots left so off sailing we went! The bigger boats were shaped like cars which I loved hahah. I was laughing at how 'bad' my friend was at steering, but then I had a go and we ended up nearly in the reeds twice and then facing in entirely the wrong direction😂😂 He stopped peddling at one point to see how much power I was contributing too and it turned out barely any😂 ❤️We headed back to my friend's flat, and decided where to go out for tea - we went to Côte which was lovely! I somehow ended up with asparagus as part of my starter and main and then also as a side hahah ❤️We went to Tesco to get some wine and some cheesecake, and then when we got back to the flat we watched some Tiny Desk Concerts on YouTube, and then my friend is obsessed with people driving safely, so he had me watching UK Dash Cam footage😂😂 ❤️Then it was bedtime and I got tucked up on the little mattress thing on the floor😴 Sunday: ❤️I woke up and my friend did too pretty soon after me, and he made us both a brew🫖 All weekend he's been playing his acoustic and electric guitars, and as much as I pretend he's annoying me (affectionately), I secretly love it haha. He's really good at the drums, and has taught himself the guitar in recent years - it was nice to just chill out with him playing ❤️We headed out to get some breakfast (from Greggs; I love Greggs) - I got 2 sausage rolls and a doughnut and my friend got a doughnut too (he'd already had this giant smoothie thing back at the flat) ❤️We walked to find a place to sit and eat, and that ended up being on a park wall. He had us watching out for people on their phone while driving (told you he's obsessed😂) and it was making me laugh ❤️We were going to get the bus to Warwick castle, after a mooch round the charity shops, but it didn't show up😂 That turned out to be a great thing though because it meant we went on a really nice walk there instead! It was like an hour out in the sunshine, by lots of water and green🥰 My friend wanted to get a photo together which I thought was really nice. He was also laughing at me because every time I spot a bench on a walk I insist on having a little sit down - I just love a little sit down😂 ❤️We eventually found Warwick castle but it cost a lot to get in, so we had a look at it and then went to find a pub. And that was where I had my first (and second!) pint😂 I was GOING to have a coke, but my friend insisted and I was quite intrigued haha. I've had wine and so on before, but only ever sips of other people's beers, but my first pint was a success!😂 It was really lush to just spend a chunk of the afternoon having a chat and a laugh, and there wasn't any WiFi in the pub so it meant there weren't distractions in that sense. ❤️We headed back on the bus and went to Tesco to buy burger ingredients; they were SO yummy😋 ❤️I got my friend to watch Legally Blonde with me and one thing I love is when friends get on board with something that they wouldn't usually like just because they know you like it. It's a trait that I wish was stronger in me - I think I have it a bit, but I feel like it's really prominent in some people and I love it, so I'm going to try to channel that wherever possible ❤️We were then both quite tired so I headed to bed again feeling so happy😊 That's a key feeling of this weekend - just really really happy and I haven't felt like that in a long time! Today!: ❤️Woke up this morning and we had another brew together, before heading out for brunch! Again it was nice to have a chat and eat out, and they didn't have some of the things we wanted as part of our breakfast, so they gave us one of them for free! We didn't mind at all about the missing things so this was so nice of them! ❤️Back at the flat we called Alex so my friend could say hello to him (they're friends too!) and it was nice to all have a chat together. Alex has been saying lovely things this weekend like it's great I'm having a nice time, and how nice it was to chat to us both, which I think is so lovely😊 I was also telling him about what we were up to and it was reminding him of things he and I have done together🥰 ❤️My friend walked me to the train station ❤️I felt really sad to say goodbye and had a little cry when I first got on the train haha; I'm such a sentimental soul😂 ❤️I haven't felt as happy as I have this weekend in a long time, so it feels sad to leave that behind! I think (as everyone does) I just obviously feel really happy having long stretches with people I love and I don't get that very often. ❤️I'm now going to try to have a relaxing evening😊 I think I will shower and unpack and cook and yeah, just relax ❤️Feeling VERY grateful for such a lovely time; I feel a bit overwhelmed with gratitude and bitter sweetness actually😂 I've already shared some photos in my other posts but here are some more!

Posted by Moll! at 2023-05-22 17:44:16 UTC