May photo challenge day 22 JUNK FOOD Junk food is ok as a treat but we try not to have it too often. Fish n chips maybe once a fortnight. Occasional pizza. My worst junk food addiction is chocolate. Struggle with that. SNACK Hence my favourite snack would be crisps and a chocolate bar. And cake 😘 I try healthy snacks too. Fruit. But my favourite will always be the naughty stuff. WW is helping me control it. Lovely sunny 🌞 day here in Lincolnshire so I've been painting the shed. First coat done ✅ in Willow Green. I'm shattered. Pacing myself. The next coat can be done another day. (I like to finish jobs all in one day but I know I can't this one, too achy) Hope you've been able to love the sunny day 🌞 my favourite season is just around the corner. Summer 🌞🌞🌞🌞

Posted by Pauline1964_YOU at 2023-05-22 16:13:52 UTC