Learn the Art of Joyful Living Let's pretend for a moment we have a friend who's with us much of the time. The friend watches us, watches our lives and circumstances, and comments: oh, that's too bad. That's terrible. That's awful. You could be doing better. You're not doing very well. What's wrong with you? Why did you do that? This friend isn't very pleasant, but many of us have bought such a friend with us through much of our journey. Now let's imagine something different. Let's imagine a friend a constant companion, who laughs a lot. This friend laughs at traffic, laughs at delays, laughs at long lines. Even laughs at setbacks. Of course, this friend doesn't mock us or laugh at us when we're in pain. This friend is compassionate and gentle, and has an open heart, but he or she helps us laugh, even when we hurt. This friend has learned the art of joy, the art of living, and the art of living joyfully. Let's bring along the friend who knows the art of joyful living to help us learn the same. Melody Beattie (1948 - ) Journey To The Heart 📖

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