Have you heard of a Just Culture? I love presenting the awareness session on this and it is referred to as Restorative Just & Learning Culture (RJLC) in the NHS generally. I have started taking about it since I started my new role two years ago as part of the culture development. In Just Culture organisation people are empowered to be open and honest particularly when things go wrong and provide support that is the restoration part rather than retribution. None of us intend to make mistakes deliberately at work or at home and as human with our human fallibility, we cannot avoid making mistakes for whatever reasons. When it happens we are the first one to get hurt by being too critical about own performance. Therefore, it goes to show how important it is to provide support and learn from it whilst not forgetting the accountability for those who wilfully neglect and commit harm. Just sharing this briefly in case you haven’t heard. This is the culture NHS is working hard at promoting in all organisations so that we can identify mistakes early and learn from it but culture will take time to embed. We are all part of this culture now in some way either as patients, clients or staff. It is our responsibility to point out when we noticed unexpected behaviours or performance to provide early support and interventions.

Posted by Tenzin YW at 2023-05-20 08:56:48 UTC