Value the Fragrances of the Universe Nurture your sense of smell. Let it come alive. Use its power to help you heal. A bundle of white sage burning in a seashell on the table. The wisp of cedar smoke, from the fireplace. A cone of incense filling the air. Lavender oil in the bath. Drops of eucalyptus sprinkled in the shower, it's penetrating aroma mingling with the steam. A vanilla candle on the nightstand next to your bed. The smell of a forest, fresh with rain. Ocean air, salty and damp. The rich sawdust smell of redwood. Comforting smells from childhood - bread baking in the oven, freshly baked chocolate cake on the counter, chicken frying in the pan. The smell of our favourite people, their hair, their clothes, their cologne. Value your sense of smell, the way it connects you to yourself, to memory, to emotion, to the universe and the world around you. Use your sense of smell to help you discover what's right for you. Surround yourself with the fragrances of the universe. Let them help you heal. Melody Beattie (1948 - ) Journey To The Heart πŸ“–

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