Today’s good💕 ❤️I woke up today. That’s a definite plus because I’ve been struggling with thoughts of suicide lately. ❤️I’ve made some progress in understanding why I’ve been feeling this way. The friends in my life that my parents didn’t have access to were actual friends. Those my parents had influence on (ie., access) informed on me to them. I had a boyfriend in high school for all of a hot minute, from a Saturday Christmas parade where we marched in formation to Monday morning at school where he dumped me without explanation. His mother wrote me a letter explaining how I’m a good person but my parents aren’t and to take care of myself and not be their pawn. I was 14. I didn’t understand because of the whole forest trees conundrum. But I take comfort today that someone tried to warn me about them back then. ❤️I’m still depressed but not completely exhausted anymore so I’m climbing out of this darkness. I’m working on saying goodbye to parts of my past and that includes my home state. Ron DeSantis has destroyed anything good remaining for a Florida native like me to claim (native as in born there not a member of the indigenous community). It’s time to move on. Have a wonderful day, night, weekend 🌻

Posted by Gris at 2023-05-20 02:32:25 UTC