Hi. I am OK. Today I had a great time. I went out to lunch. Community worker came too. I had sushi and a sugar free coke cola. Then I went to the chemist warehouse and bought some hand cream. A big new black πŸ‘œ. Went to the craft store 🏬. They didn't have much of what I needed to buy. I went to the music store where I bought a bright red ukelele with a case. 😊. Then went grocery shopping πŸ›’. My cupboards and fridge are full again until next week Friday. I had a lovely cup of coffee β˜•. At 4.15pm the πŸš– came to bring me back to the house 🏑. I arrived back at 4.50pm. I am watching πŸ“Ί in bed πŸ› eating πŸͺ. Good πŸŒƒ from New Zealand Friday night 19th may. πŸ’ 🌈 πŸ™€

Posted by wancylla at 2023-05-19 11:17:20 UTC