Good morning, I try to plan ahead for practical things when I can as a gift to my future self. For example, I plan meals a few days ahead when I can & freeze things I‘ve made as making decisions on what to make is so much harder to do when time is short and I am hungry! I am realising that it can be helpful to send other gifts to my future self in a similar way. When things are difficult, remembering the small things that help is the hardest. I use my music to do this but I also made some little cards with key self care principles on them. I put more detailed ideas for actions I can take on the back for times when I don’t have the headspace for innovation or to remember what works. They are tactile & I added colour as I find those things helpful. Hoping they will be useful. 😊 Are there and gifts that you send to your future self and how does this work for you?

Posted by MarnieB at 2023-05-19 06:44:40 UTC