Daily Actions - Be Proud of How Hard YOU Are Trying. You know I am. This week as, between us, my GP and I have stabilised my new medication regime I've pushed myself to get out more, to do more. On Monday it was hard, really hard and I longed to stay under the duvet. Even this morning I was reluctant but it's getting easier. I've spent the day in the gardens, accumulating over 9500 steps (not quite 10k) weeding, hoeing, pruning and making the base for a bird table from an old dead tree/shrub and mowing the three little lawns before watering all the new plants. We've been blessed with yet another glorious sunset. I started setting an alarm for 10pm to remind me to take my new tablets, that way I find I don't get the hangover effect too long and I'm often waking before 7 now which is good (although I choose to snooze). Tomorrow morning I'm going to try something new - partly out of badness because I'm angry with the husband who once again failed to come home from the pub when he said (he only goes once a week, occasionally twice but that's not the point) Don't say you'll be home by 8 if you don't mean it. It infuriates and saddens me. I'm so sad and angry I could cry. Instead I have decided to give him some of his own medicine so I've planned to get out early for a walk - not a huge one (about 16km) and always fairly near home - but I'm not taking HRH just me, a flask, some fruit, my headphones and my camera. I'm not telling him, I've no doubt he'll be asleep. I'm just going to go. I can catch the bus back when I get to the other end of the walk so I must remember to take some cash - in fact there's a rather marvellous cafe so I will stop for elevenses. Most of all I'm going to try and not feel guilty about it. I'm terrible about allowing him to make me feel guilty. So I'm banking on your support. ❤️❤️😊😊🌞

Posted by skp64_YOU at 2023-05-18 21:39:08 UTC