Following on from @Mollie_C and @Gris great example of finding the good in every day I thought I'd add my own. Didn't get to post it last night but this is from yesterday ❤️ Got to have a lovely walk with my partner and dogs at lunchtime in a new place which rhe dogs loved ❤️ Had a really successful webinar at (one of) my workplace(s) ❤️ Had a 10 minute meditation listening to the bird song outside ❤️ Went to a fantastic talk on ADHD (If you're UK based would recommend Seed Talks - they do lots of science based talks around mental health and neurodivergence , although you could still access overseas but the health and care systems are obviously different) ❤️ Caught up with people I hadn't seen for ages at the talk which was so nice 😊

Posted by Jo AfH Support at 2023-05-18 07:03:19 UTC