Meaningful day 17. It's Wednesday and it's grandson sleepover day. When I picked up he had his little back pack ready with his overnight things. PJs, fresh clothes, sleep cuddly toy, a few cars, and his jacket. As he opened the front door it's a beaming smile, grabbed my hand, and " grandma ! It's you! I'm ready! " Oh the joy that gives me is immense. I hope in years to come he'll remember these times with his grandparents as fond memories. When you are surrounded by love it gives yourself comfort and meaning that you belong here. He says some funny things. At 4 years old his imagination is growing. Tonight he told us a story about trying coconuts but he didn't like them so he threw them in the sea and they sunk to the bottomed of the ocean. Love this boy 💙 And no tantrums tonight at all a huge step forward!!

Posted by Pauline1964_YOU at 2023-05-17 20:14:19 UTC