May photo challenge day 17 SMILE I've been to my orthodontist today for a fitting of a new 8 week course of Invisalign to tweak my teeth straight again. Having wonky teeth when it was lockdown I had fixed braces on for 18 months. The result gave me so much more confidence and I had my bite back to normal. You then have to wear retainers for sleeping in forever to keep them in place. I was sooo good with that but the last few months I tended to forget and not bother. The result being the teeth have started to move back to their sticky out positions which I hated. My retainer no longer fit. My own stupid fault. So it's been sorted. 8 weeks prediction for it to be corrected. As it's slight I'm doing it with Invisalign this time. Wearing them 22hrs out of 24. Some may think I'm being picky, that they're ok, but I don't want them to move back like they were. Lesson learned. Once sorted wear the night retainers !!!! ADORABLE FIL little dog is Daisy. She's very cute 🥰 Eddie is adorable when he snuggles close ❤️

Posted by Pauline1964_YOU at 2023-05-17 10:56:38 UTC