Happiness is Within Reach What we need to be happy is a question we often forget to ask ourselves. Is there something you could do for yourself that would make you happy, put a spring in your step, a smile in your heart? Many of us haven't asked ourselves this question enough. Some of us haven't asked it at all. Or if we have, we haven't answered it. Instead we diligently search for our path, for the way through our lives, through our current situation or circumstances, never taking time to ask ourselves what would make us happy and what would feel good to us. Then we wonder Why life feel so hard, so difficult and unrewarding. Discovering what would make us happy can help us through any difficulty in life. It can help us through the quieter moments of our day. It can help us make larger, more significant decisions. It can help us in our work. Especially if we look in our hearts and answer honestly. What would make you happy? It's a simple question, but one with profound consequences. Asking and answering that question, then acting on it, is often our path - a path that will lead to the next step, a path that is in our best interest. We will be choosing our destiny. And the destiny were choosing is joy. What would make you happy? Ask yourself often. Think about your answer. You may well find that the answer is within reach. Melody Beattie (1948 - ) Journey To The Heart 📖

Posted by bristolfmeunited at 2023-05-17 06:05:38 UTC