Yesterday’s good 💕 ❤️I had such a good and productive day yesterday that I was too tired to post. Put a win in for being present all day 🥳 ❤️I handled the paperwork for the week, caught up with final cleaning from the weekend, made 2 banana breads and put one in the freezer, used my new fabric shaver gadget on our sheets to extend their life, washed the sheets, washed the comforter and afghan, remade the bed, made dinner and read quite a bit. ❤️I did watch tv but instead of the 8-12 hours I used to watch daily, I’m down to about 2 hours a day. Not as much escapism 😊 ❤️I took a little time out to do a system check. My brain is slightly overstimulated and my body is responding stiffly. I have feelings of anxiety with no trigger which means I’m processing past emotions. It’s difficult but I’m healing and that’s what my takeaway is.

Posted by Gris at 2023-05-16 19:36:27 UTC