Reflecting on my day with a focus on the good ❤️Firstly I'm writing this with a truly outstanding cup of tea - the ultimate comfort drink ❤️I woke up today feeling determined to have a good week no matter what is thrown at me😂 In all honesty, last week was a bit of a mare and while I more often than not take a gentle approach with myself as of late, today I just needed to yank myself into gear for want of better phrasing😂 ❤️I had a positive work day where I remained calm and enthusiastic - remaining so felt like an active choice and one I am proud I made. As always lots of new problems to solve & situations to navigate, and today I think I did a great job of seeing the fun in it all ❤️I did ask a bit of a silly question in a work meeting but one can't be worrying about these things haha - no one will remember and it's better to get stuck in and say something stupid than hold back for fear of doing so ❤️I called Alex on my lunch but he couldn't answer because he was driving home from work...THEN though, he called me back and he'd pulled over so we could squeeze in a quick chat before I went back to work🥰 He knows I've been struggling with my brain lately and little things like this where he gives me an extra reminder that he cares mean so much! ❤️I was going to stay later and do more work, but I was quite firm with myself in deciding not to - I already stayed an hour later today and I had other ways that I wanted to spend my evening ❤️Speaking of, I headed straight to the library after work to return some books and the walk in the fresh air felt good. Plus the people in the library are always so lovely and helpful - I really do think that those with the sweetest souls end up working in libraries ❤️I've spent the rest of the evening doing a small bit of my Project Management course, reading my book and now as I say I'm having the world's best cup of tea ❤️My flatmate just returned home from a trip away and she's such a little ray of sunshine bless her - now there's someone who sees the good in life without trying😂 Night all😴

Posted by Moll! at 2023-05-15 20:23:30 UTC