This afternoon, following week's of nothingness I've laced my trail shoes up and gone out with HRH and my camera, walking purposefully. It's serendipitous therefore to see the image from AfH this evening. "THIS TOO SHALL PASS" I've been in a decreasing spiral of darkness and bleakness since early February. I'm lucky to have supported time of work and to have a great GP who has helped, and is continuing to help, me find a way through this time. I won't go into the gory details, suffice to say that at times it has seemed that I've been living in a never-ending period with a giant vacuum gleefully sucking all the joy and light from my world. There has been the odd day when I've pushed myself out the door and managed to do something productive but several weeks ago I decided to let it be. To not blame myself but to let it pass. Today HRH, my camera and I went out for a purposeful walk. The first one in several weeks that I've not required company or talked myself out of. We had a blast, almost 4 miles of bimbling along checking out the wildlife and chatting to our neighbours. It felt good and confirmed that, although it won't be easy this period of darkness will pass. I have a plan for getting back to running fitness, I thought about not sharing it in case I fail. Hey if I fail this time I'll just go again. I'm going to be back running 10k for fun by my 60th

Posted by skp64_YOU at 2023-05-15 19:58:17 UTC