Lamb Within I sit in my Spring garden, flowers growing, Fluttering butterflies, buzzing bees easy-going. Eyes closed, nature’s senses heightened, flowing, Mother Earth knowingly, superbly glowing. I am no longer a self-offender, As I humbly surrender. There is no procrastination, I have no hesitation. I have ruminated amply I release a soft breath, simply I let go of the external, I enter to my internal. My body, mind and spirit-soul, Mindfully work at being whole. I notice my internal world, As the misty fog unfurled. With a beginners mind, My charkas curiously align. Observation awakens internal recognition, Balance, peace, and being present my ignition. I accept who I am, A child of the living Lamb. I appreciated my self-awareness, I am His, in thy full exquisiteness. I follow in natures living progressions. I let go of my past foible transgressions. I find my inner faith, self-kindness, self-compassion, The Lamb living, forgiveness, approval, permission. To others, I am flawed blemished imperfect, In God, His verdict, I am forgivingly perfect. In the Lamb, I am unblemished, and nourished. My body, mind and spirit-soul, now flourish. My personality intact blooming and animated, Balance, inner peace, joy, happiness, I am saturated. I am interconnected, allied, and akin, I am a child of the living Lamb within. Shass Blake 15.05.2023

Posted by bristolfmeunited at 2023-05-15 10:39:24 UTC