Reflecting on my day with a focus on the good! ❤️I was up late watching Eurovision last night so slept in until 9am😴 I'm grateful that I slept through and woke up feeling pretty well rested (definitely beats waking up in the early hours like the other day!) ❤️One of my friends who lives in Oxford was in London and he asked me if I wanted to go for brunch; it's lovely to have people who want to hang out with me! ❤️We asked another of my friends who lives in London along and it was nice to see him too - they're both such lovely people bless their souls ❤️I listened to a great podcast episode while I got ready to head out - - it's all about how our brains tend to respond to crisis and why & I loved the part where they spoke about putting together your own amygdala hijack rescue pack ❤️The brunch we had was SUCH a good meal😍 There was a bit of a queue to get a table but the weather was so sunny that it was nice to be out in it while we waited (plus there were 2 teeny little dogs in the queue and they were adorable🥹). I had eggs benedict with 2 hash browns and a fruit smoothie😋 ❤️I headed home and felt really anxious - there was a bit of wall staring because I felt 'stuck' in my worries, but on the whole I'm pleased with how I handled it ❤️I had a quick video call with Alex - I responded to something he said that wouldn't usually bother me a bit irritably, but rather than thinking harshly towards myself about it, I'm instead just noting that my brain seems to be on high alert particularly so at the moment, looking for the negatives and things to worry about! I think being aware of that will help me to respond better this coming week ❤️I wanted to have a more enjoyable evening than just wall staring while I worried, and I'm pleased that I finished my book (Our Wives Under The Sea is fantastic - I wouldn't recommend if you don't like horror/are looking for something cheery though!). I've started Heartburn by Nora Ephron too and am loving it so far😊 ❤️My parents have booked a holiday to Tenerife (their first holiday abroad together!) so I ordered them a guidebook and they seemed really pleased with it🙌 ❤️My flatmate was about this eve and reading while he had a nap on the sofa, with Modern Family playing in the background, was a calm space to be ❤️Now I'm going to tidy my room (it's gotten a little messy because my brain's been a little all over the shop this past week), do some washing up (always therapeutic) and just generally wind down before sleeping. I'm looking forward to a 5 day working week next week - so many 4 day weeks in a row is great but I have found it quite tiring😂 Night all😴

Posted by Moll! at 2023-05-14 20:54:24 UTC