Good of today 💕 ❤️I got most of the dishes washed from yesterday’s cooking for our anniversary dinner. That’s a big thing for me because I have to wash everything by hand. My dishwasher doesn’t work and to replace it requires a complete rebuild of the kitchen. I’m looking forward to that but it just won’t be this year. ❤️Had leftovers for dinner and it was so good 😊 ❤️Hubby mowed the front yard and finally finished taking apart his old desk that he had rusting away in the front yard. His intention months ago was to cart it off to the dump but he hasn’t had time so he unloaded it from his truck and it’s been moldering ever since. I suggested he put it in our regular trash bin and so he dismantled it and did just that. 😊🥳 I’m happy about it. ❤️Just woke up from a brief nap with the whole family. Snoring dog under the bed. Snoring cat at my feet. Snoring human by my side. Now to tuck into a book and wait for the sun to set.🥰 Good night everyone 💕

Posted by Gris at 2023-05-13 23:10:42 UTC