Books for children and adults... One of mine and my children's favourites (they are 3 and 7 years old) is 'have you filled a bucket today?' It is listed as one of the top children's books that encourage kindness towards others. It encourages positive behaviour by using the concrete concept of an 'invisible bucket' that holds your good thoughts and feelings. When you do something kind, you fill someone's bucket and your own; when you do something mean, you dip into someone's bucket and remove some good thoughts and feelings from theirs and your own. This book focuses on how our social interactions positively or negatively affect others and encourages all to be kind. I like it because it also explains that you fill your own bucket by being kind and you dip in theirs and yours if you aren't. Also, it's not about filling someone's bucket and dipping in your own (if you do something kind to them but means that your unkind to yourself). Both my girls enjoy this book and we discuss things that we could do to fill our own and others bucket. Has anyone else share this with their children or students? Can anyone recommend any other good stories that promote kindness and related themes? Thanks x

Posted by Nikki AfH Team at 2019-07-08 21:31:21 UTC