Is it True? I watched a video the other day by Jay Shetty. He was talking about the way we think and the fact that, much of the time, our thoughts are not true. He asked his viewers to challenge their thoughts. For example, if you wake up thinking “Today’s going to be awful “ - ask yourself “Is that true?” At that point you just don’t know. It might be awful, but it hasn’t happened yet so it’s just as likely to be fine, or average or even spectacular!! The same goes for statements such as “I’m boring. Nobody likes me. I’m useless “ Is that true? It’s easy to fall into the trap of believing the negativity our minds tell us. It can tend to be a default human setting. This is because as we developed as human beings we had to be aware of the danger around us. We needed to take notice of the bad stuff because, potentially, it could kill us! But nobody can predict the future. We are no longer living under threat of mortal danger and so the thought”Am I going to die today?” no longer serves a purpose. The thought “Today’s going to be awful and everyone hates me” serves no purpose. How much better would it be to think”Today has the potential to be a really good day”? How different does that make you feel? If we can begin to create healthier, more positive habits we can begin to see the world, approach the world in a very different way. Even our worst days have a best moment. Nothing is totally, uniformly awful. There is nuance in everything and by reflecting on our thoughts we can begin to understand this. And the start of this is to challenge our thinking. Thoughts are just chemical impulses. I can think “Bananas are blue” It doesn’t make it true. So today... challenge yourself, challenge those negative thoughts by using the simple question “Is it true?” If the answer is no or that you don’t yet know then you suddenly have alternative futures. Because if you don’t yet know what today will really be like, you can still change it, make it the day you want it to be. And surely, if you have that choice, you’d rather work to make it a good day? Good luck! Let me know how you get on💜

Posted by SarahA at 2019-05-21 20:01:29 UTC