Do you ever listen to yourself? Do you really listen to the way you speak about yourself, to yourself? How often do you say things like, “I’m rubbish at that. I’m such a pig. Sorry! Im so dull.” ?? It can become our default setting to constantly undervalue ourselves and put ourselves down. It’s a habit... perhaps because we don’t feel confident or because we want people to like us or... well, a myriad of reasons. The question I ask is... would you speak to a child like that? To your best friend? You wouldn’t. At least I hope you wouldn’t! So... this week... if you hear those words coming out of your mouth, or sense that they are about to... stop. Speak to yourself kindly. None of us are perfect. We all make mistakes and learn along the way. It doesn’t make us lesser people. We love the people around us in spite of and sometimes because of their flaws. Why would they not love us for ours? None of us are perfect, but it’s important to recognise that despite our imperfections we are still good kind people. So, instead of berating yourself for the flaws, recognise them as part of yourself, but also recognise the kindness, the determination, the caring, the willingness to learn... all the strengths you have. We can all work to be better people, but it doesn’t help to keep putting ourselves down. Be proud of who you are. And speak kindly to yourself 💜

Posted by SarahA at 2019-04-30 17:35:23 UTC