Rest... I’ve had a lazy day today. There’s lots of things I could or should have been doing, but I didn’t do any of them. I needed to rest. My weekend was full on, assisting at this year’s Cognitive Hypnotherapy training and only getting four hours sleep on Saturday night... I’m lucky to be able to take the time to rest, I suppose. I remember when the children were little that the lack of sleep and constant caring for them seemed relentless. Resting didn’t seem like an option, even though my body was screaming out for it. If you’ve got young children, or elderly parents, or a life that, in other ways, is full on... then it is hard to look after yourself. It’s often the case that you’re right at the bottom of the ‘Who to Care For’ list. But it’s vitally important.... So if there was a way you could listen to your body, your mind, and rest, recuperate... how would you do that? What would work for you? Because really the priority is you ultimately. There’s only so much running around you can do before it makes you ill. Being on constant alert is not a natural state of being. Our bodies are over saturated with adrenaline and we have to rest to come down to a relaxed state and keep healthy. So, find a way for an early night, a sit down, a lie in. Find a way, a person to ask for help... put yourself first.... and rest.

Posted by SarahA at 2019-04-29 19:35:58 UTC