Live How many of us really live? Really fill our days with worthwhile deeds? Really live each moment in the best way we can? It’s tempting to live safely, in our comfort zones. We end up existing rather than living. I heard someone this week say that he couldn’t understand why anyone wouldn’t want to live their life to the full... wouldn’t want to leave a legacy. It struck a chord with me. We don’t have to be a Leonardo da Vinci or Marie Curie to leave a legacy to the world. We can choose how to live, what to live for. And if that means living for your family, or helping others, or filling your life with learning... or maybe something else completely... that’s fine. But we only live once. We only have one world. It’s important that we each make our mark, live life to the full, step outside our comfort zone and grow. Who wants to reach the end of life and wish that they’d had the courage to learn to draw, or speak Spanish, or protest against climate change? Better to have tried to do all those things, even if we fail, than to exist in a humdrum life and end up regretting all the things we didn’t do. And the time to live is now. Not when the kids have grown up, or we’ve retired, or we’ve lost weight, or we’re happier... It won’t always be easy, or successful...But the time is now... each moment. And if living in this way feels scary... that’s ok. It means that we are pushing out of the green zone and into the amber. The definition of courage is feeling the fear and doing it anyway. Often the things that mean the most come when we push through the fear or find help to get us to the other side. Life is for living. Live.

Posted by SarahA at 2019-04-20 10:42:48 UTC